About us

Who we are...

Family Guidance Centers, Inc. (FGC), a not-for-profit behavioral healthcare organization, treats and prevents substance abuse, as well as an array of other related problems. Since 1969, FGC's comprehensive programming has educated and guided individuals toward their full potential as productive members within their own families and our society.

We understand it’s not easy…

FGC recognizes that substance abuse is one of society’s most devastating and far reaching problems. Programming is based on the the fact that substance abuse can be successfully prevented and treated. Individuals can lead healthy productive lives free from the limitations of chemical dependency.

Our vision is simple…

Our vision is to be recognized in the communities we serve for superior and compassionate patient service and for clinical excellence as the healthcare provider of choice.

What we do…

FGC’s adult and adolescent programming provides a flexible continuum of care to best address the individual needs of each participant. Through integrated and comprehensive services, including continuous assessment, participants are able to access levels of care and specific services to create an individualized treatment approach. Further, FGC provides special and high-risk populations priority access to specialized programming.

We define the cutting edge…

An integration of services considers the family and pre-existing problems as key factors in guiding a person toward a healthy lifestyle. A variety of issues are addressed, including vocational, cognitive, psychological, legal, social, cultural, lifestyle and behavioral changes in clinically appropriate settings such as individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, patient specific education and early intervention.

Our Values


We value each person as an individual.


We value honesty and consistency in all our relationships.


We value personal and professional growth
that integrates the physical, emotional, and relational aspects of life and work.


We value superior performance in our work and service. We value our responsibility to use human, financial, and natural resources.


The combined leadership of FGC’s multi-disciplinary, administrative staff ensures quality and efficient services. Staff members possess a long-standing dedication to the fields of substance abuse and mental health treatment. FGC employs a highly trained, caring staff of medical doctors, nurses, health educators, psychologists, certified special education teachers, social workers, masters level counselors, and certified addictions counselors.