St. Bernard Hospital – Chicago
Thorek Memorial Hospital ​ Andersonville (previously called Methodist Hospital) – Chicago

Individuals with opioid use disorder (OUD) develop physical dependence and experience withdrawal symptoms if opioid use is reduced or stopped abruptly. Medically supervised withdrawal (detoxification) is a process of removing physiological dependence while managing opioid withdrawal. Withdrawal management (detoxification) alone, however, is not a treatment for OUD and increases an individual’s risk for relapse, overdose and death when not followed with medication assisted treatment (MAT). Family Guidance Centers currently collaborates with three Illinois hospitals to provide a “warm hand-off” for patients in hospital-based withdrawal management units to community-based treatment. The goals of FGC’s hand-off program include the following: 1) Connect patients with SUD treatment and primary healthcare services upon discharge; 2) Educate patients about their risk of relapse and overdose as well as ways to stay healthy, to help prevent relapse and overdose; and 3) Facilitate induction onto medication for opioid use disorder for continued medication assisted treatment (MAT). As an integrated part of the care team at these hospitals, FGC staff work to engage patients and increase their readiness for change and willingness to enter MAT upon discharge. In addition, FGC staff are able to conduct an assessment resulting in a preliminary level of care placement for patients ready to enter community-based SUD/MAT treatment and complete the “warm hand-off” by transporting willing patients from the hospital sites to SUD/MAT programs.