Network of Prevention Agencies in Illinois

What is InTouch?

The Illinois Network to Organize the Understanding of Community Health (InTouch) is the collaborative network of prevention agencies in Illinois.

InTouch is a unique regional management system which is comprised of 20 agencies funded by the Department of Human Services (DHS) to serve as the link between DHS funded prevention programs, state government, the research community, and local communities.

The InTouch system has the following goals:

  1. Increase in the use of comprehensive, evidence-based ATOD prevention efforts by target communities or systems.
  2. Increase in the development and enforcement of community policies and ordinances that limit access and availability of ATOD among underage youth.
  3. Increase in commitment among community members to prevent ATOD use by youth ages 10-17 as evidenced by attitudes, norms and actions.
  4. InTouch is responsible for building the capacity and support of Community Based Providers in:
    1. Fostering leadership at the local level through community organizing and advocacy
    2. Building community awareness, knowledge, and skills
    3. Conducting coordinated planning with other health promotion organizations