Carrie Ann

2 Dec 2017

FGC came into my life in 1995. My name is “Carrie Ann”, and my experience with FGC has been very eye opening and positive.

Let’s start with health. I have type I diabetes. The diagnosis was in 1977. My life expectancy was age 40 so as everyone knows, drug abuse did not help it!

Through all my life’s ups and downs, FGC stood by and supported, counseled, and taught me to manage my behaviors. With the methadone, the counseling and the friendships I made with the staff at FGC, I have reached many goals in my life that I never thought possible.

Today I have two children that were from during my years of methadone maintenance. Both born healthy, opiate and drug free. NO withdrawal or consequences my girls are healthy and perfect thanks to FGC, “right thinking,” and “God”!!!

Once I let FGC really help me, my goals became my reality. I gave up the “know it all” game and let the program help me. Now that I am sober, there are not enough words to thank my counselor at FGC. Without his help and advice I would not be in the place I am today.

After 22 years, I am sober, have two beautiful, healthy children, a valid driver’s license and a family that I love and cherish!!!

Thank you Josie, thank you nurse Jen, thank you D.O.N. Alan, thank you to all at F.G.C. staff that helped me through my years of chaos. All the patience and support will never be forgotten. Keep up the great work. You guys gave me my life back…

Thanks again,

Carrie Ann