J & A

9 Jan 2018

When I first went to FGC I did not expect to get “real” help. Or to actually change in anyway. I was just looking for a temporary solution until I could go back to using and the way of life I wanted to live. I was deep into my addiction and had no plans to change. Until suddenly got the shock of my lifetime when I found out I was pregnant. So I made the hard decision to transition to methadone from heroine in order to save my baby and be able to go full term with her and both of us be healthy. At that time I was only planning to get into treatment for the benefit of the pregnancy and had no future plans for after that. But while spending the last year at FGC treatment center and getting to build positive relationships with everyone there and receive most genuine “real” treatment that I did not expect. I have been so welcomed and felt so accepted from the very first time i walked into FGC. The people at FGC have helped me want better things not only for my baby but for myself too. I finally am staying clean and doing what’s best, not only for my baby but for myself too. I have completely changed my way of thinking and have grown into a much better, responsible, positive and productive person.
I am so very grateful for the chance that FGC gave me and my family. My life will continue to benefit from FGC forever. I never thought i could or would be able to be happy in life again, especially while being clean. Now I am at a place in life where I can’t even imagine a life for me and my baby any different than this. I don’t crave or think about using anymore because there are so many more things in life to choose instead of using. FGC has shown me that, and helped me believe in myself again. I am now the happiest I have ever been in my life and am so very grateful for FGC. I don’t know if I would have made it here without them.
Thank you so much to the whole FGC staff!